How one can Simply Deploy Machine Studying Fashions Utilizing Flask

By Abhinav Sagar, VIT Vellore

When a knowledge scientist/machine studying engineer develops a machine studying mannequin utilizing Scikit-Study, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch and so forth, the last word aim is to make it obtainable in manufacturing. Usually occasions when engaged on a machine studying mission, we focus quite a bit on Exploratory Information Evaluation(EDA), Function Engineering, tweaking with hyper-parameters and so forth. However we are inclined to overlook our important aim, which is to extract actual worth from the mannequin predictions.

Deployment of machine studying fashions or placing fashions into manufacturing means making your fashions obtainable to the tip customers or techniques. Nevertheless, there’s complexity within the deployment of machine studying fashions. This submit goals to make you get began with placing your educated machine studying fashions into manufacturing utilizing Flask API.

I will likely be utilizing linear regression to foretell the gross sales worth within the third month utilizing charge of curiosity and gross sales of the primary two months.


What’s Linear Regression

The target of a linear regression mannequin is to discover a relationship between a number of options(unbiased variables) and a steady goal variable(dependent variable). When there’s solely characteristic it’s referred to as Uni-variate Linear Regression and if there are a number of options, it’s referred to as Multiple Linear Regression.


Speculation of Linear Regression

The linear regression mannequin could be represented by the next equation

  • Y is the expected worth
  • θ₀ is the bias time period.
  • θ₁,…,θₙ are the mannequin parameters
  • x₁, x₂,…,xₙ are the characteristic values.

Linear regression illustrated


Why Flask?


  • Simple to make use of.
  • In-built improvement server and debugger.
  • Built-in unit testing help.
  • RESTful request dispatching.
  • Extensively documented.


Venture Construction

This mission has 4 components :

  1. — This comprises code for the machine studying mannequin to foretell gross sales within the third month based mostly on the gross sales within the first two months.
  2. — This comprises Flask APIs that receives gross sales particulars by GUI or API calls, computes the expected worth based mostly on our mannequin and returns it.
  3. — This makes use of requests module to name APIs outlined in and shows the returned worth.
  4. HTML/CSS — This comprises the HTML template and CSS styling to permit person to enter gross sales element and shows the expected gross sales within the third month.

Pipeline for deployment of a Machine Studying mannequin


Setting and instruments


  1. scikit-learn
  2. pandas
  3. numpy
  4. flask


The place is the code?

With out a lot ado, let’s get began with the code. The entire mission on github could be discovered here.

Let’s get began with making the entrance finish utilizing HTML for the person to enter the values. There are three fields which have to be stuffed by the person — charge of curiosity, gross sales in first month and gross sales in second month.

Subsequent I did some styling utilizing CSS for the enter button, login buttons and the background.


I created a customized gross sales dataset for this mission which has 4 columns — charge of curiosity, gross sales in first month, gross sales in second month and gross sales in third month.

Let’s now make a machine studying mannequin to foretell gross sales within the third month. First let’s take care of lacking values utilizing Pandas. Lacking Information can happen when no info is offered for a number of objects. I stuffed the speed column with zero and gross sales in first month with imply of that column if the worth was not offered. I used linear regression because the machine studying algorithm.



In easy phrases serializing is a approach to write a python object on the disk that may be transferred wherever and later de-serialized (learn) again by a python script.


Serialization, De-Serialization


I transformed the mannequin which is within the type of a python object into a personality stream utilizing pickling. The thought is that this character stream comprises all the knowledge essential to reconstruct the thing in one other python script.

The following half was to make an API which receives gross sales particulars by GUI and computes the expected gross sales worth based mostly on our mannequin. For this I de- serialized the pickled mannequin within the type of python object. I set the primary web page utilizing index.html. On submitting the shape values utilizing POST request to /predict, we get the expected gross sales worth.

The outcomes could be proven by making one other POST request to /outcomes. It receives JSON inputs, makes use of the educated mannequin to make a prediction and returns that prediction in JSON format which could be accessed by the API endpoint.

Lastly I used requests module to name APIs outlined in It shows the returned gross sales worth within the third month.



Run the online utility utilizing this command.

Open in your web-browser, and the GUI as proven under ought to seem.


Graphical person interface



This text demonstrated a quite simple approach to deploy machine studying fashions. I used linear regression to foretell gross sales worth within the third month utilizing charge of curiosity and gross sales in first two months. One can use the data gained on this weblog to make some cool fashions and take them into manufacturing in order that others can admire their work.


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Earlier than You Go

The corresponding supply code could be discovered right here.

Pattern finish to finish tasks from information assortment to placing fashions into manufacturing …



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Bio: Abhinav Sagar is a senior yr undergrad at VIT Vellore. He’s serious about information science, machine studying and their purposes to real-world issues.

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